I’m sorry to announce that Pavouk OÜ is closing. Isoxya—Web Crawler & Data Processing System—will continue as a project, with the aim of launching a limited, free version later in 2020. More features might be launched commercially at a later date, but this would be under a different corporate entity. There is a new Isoxya […]

We’re pleased to announce Isoxya 1.4—Web Crawler & Data Processing System. It’s been 6 months since our last major update to the core crawling engine, and in this time Isoxya has moved to our custom-designed highly-available infrastructure, as well as receiving a plethora of performance improvements and bug fixes. Expanding our web We continue to […]

We realise we’ve been rather quiet, of late—but now we’re ready to let you know a little of what we’ve been up to! Having released so much new software last year, particularly for Isoxya—Web Crawler & Data Processing System—we decided to start this year with major infrastructure upgrades. After testing our snazzy spider by crawling […]

Since releasing open-source Isoxya plugin: Elasticsearch 1.1 in September 2019, we’ve improved our design to better support multiple organisations and large amounts of crawling data. We’re pleased to announce version 1.2—changing our indices structure to improve our usage of Elasticsearch, upgrading to the latest Elasticsearch 7.6, and updating various libraries.

It’s been 5 months since we released open-source Isoxya plugin: Crawler HTML 1.0, and we’re pleased to announce version 1.1—merging link-checking in from Isoxya: plugin Link Checker and now extracting headers by default. We’ve crawled millions of pages with the previous version as part of our private beta programme, and this has given us insights […]

We’re pleased to announce the release of Tigrosa 1.2—our authentication and authorisation system. This version introduces a new password-based login system, completely overhauled API documentation, and numerous performance, stability, and security improvements. Tigrosa is like a guard-spider, protecting a backend JSON API, moving concepts such as users and organisations into a dedicated program, and proxying […]

By now you’ve probably heard of Isoxya – the web-crawling system with data-processing and data-streaming plugins — including an open source spellchecker. With recently released full support for streaming data directly into the Elasticsearch database, Isoxya’s spellchecker plugin places the full power of that and related tools like Kibana at your disposal! Why spelling matters […]

We’re pleased to announce the release of Isoxya 1.3—the high-performance web-crawling system with data-processing and data-streaming plugins. With the introduction of external URL validation, public plugin configurations, and full support for streaming data directly into Elasticsearch, we feel this release is a solid and creative foundation for analysing data and powering other products. Release Notes […]

We’re pleased to announce two new releases of Postgres-XL Docker— a Docker image source for Postgres-XL, the scalable open-source PostgreSQL-based database cluster. The images are based on Debian. Docker images are available. These releases contain build updates for Postgres-XL 9.5 and Postgres-XL 10. Availability Postgres-XL 10 is available on Docker Hub:pavouk0/postgres-xl:XL_10_R1_1-313-g31dfe47-13-gbe4dce7 Postgres-XL 9.5 is available […]

We’re pleased to announce open-source Isoxya plugin: Elasticsearch 1.1—a plugin which streams data from the Isoxya crawler to the Elasticsearch database. This release adds various metadata from Isoxya data-processing plugins, extends the metadata through Isoxya data-streaming plugins, as well as using Elasticsearch Bulk API to optimise data-streaming from pages generating large numbers of documents (e.g. […]