By now you’ve probably heard of Isoxya – the web-crawling system with data-processing and data-streaming plugins — including an open source spellchecker. With recently released full support for streaming data directly into the Elasticsearch database, Isoxya’s spellchecker plugin places the full power of that and related tools like Kibana at your disposal! Why spelling matters […]

So you’ve read our post launching the Pavouk Community, you’re positively crawling with excitement and just want to get connected with other like-minded future thinkers! Here’s how you can do that: Create an account Start by navigating over to our Community page and hitting the “Sign Up” button, in the top-right corner. Populate your details […]

Pavouk is embarking on a journey to change the the very landscape of data processing and web crawling, and create powerful new ways to intelligently process and derive valuable insights from data. And we want you to join us as we launch the Pavouk Community! We envision the Pavouk Community to be no ordinary forum. […]

The Pavouk team are very excited to share with you our new website, built proudly in-house! We value performance, inventiveness and simplicity and believe the changes made better reflect the spirit of our company. The updated site includes an overhaul to Pavouk’s aesthetic, modifications to the navigation structure and an overall improvement to the site’s […]