About Pavouk

Pavouk is a technology company founded in 2017, dedicated to changing the very landscape of data processing and web crawling. We’re creating powerful new ways to intelligently process and derive valuable insights from data.

The word pavouk means spider in Czech.

Based in Europe, Pavouk operates as a distributed, remote technology company, specialised in the areas of Big-Data Architecture, Distributed Parallel Processing, High-Availability Systems, Linux Platform Engineering, and Linux Security Analysis.

Our main focus has been the development of a highly customisable, multi-functional, and innovative web crawler with applications in SEO, e-Commerce, Marketing, Natural Language Processing—and just about anything else you can imagine. Our software is able to accurately crawl huge sites with millions of pages, stream data through bespoke data processors, and supply it directly to other companies’​ product APIs or third-party databases—within seconds.