About Nic Williams

Nic is the Founder and Technical Director of Pavouk.

Nic is not a huge fan of self-portraits, so prefers to be represented by a friendly whale.

With 8 years’ experience in the industry and an additional 14 years’ programming previously, computing and mathematics have long been core interests of theirs. During the past 5 years, they’ve mostly focussed on Big-Data Architecture, Distributed Parallel Processing, and High-Availability Systems.

With previous notable positions such as VP of Engineering, Big-Data Architect, and Senior Engineer, Nic is still passionate about high-quality engineering, regardless of the role. They believe that it is important to have an in-depth understanding across multiple areas of computing, as this leads to higher-quality design decisions and increases productivity. For the last few years, they’ve shared the knowledge of security theory and practice through their consultancy.