Pavouk OÜ is closing

I’m sorry to announce that Pavouk OÜ is closing. Isoxya—Web Crawler & Data Processing System—will continue as a project, with the aim of launching a limited, free version later in 2020. More features might be launched commercially at a later date, but this would be under a different corporate entity. There is a new Isoxya mailing list for those wishing to keep up-to-date about the development and launch process.

Why is Pavouk OÜ closing?

Pavouk OÜ was founded in 2017 through Estonia’s e-Residency program. The company has always been dual-purpose: offering consultancy specialised in the areas of big-data architecture, distributed parallel processing, high-availability systems, Linux platform engineering, and Linux security analysis; and developing Isoxya—the next-generation web crawler. At the time, the promises of the e-Residency program sounded excellent: being able to maintain a corporate presence whilst handling everything digitally, and providing a simple mechanism in which to stay compliant and pay taxes within the EU. Years on, it seems many of those promises were over-reaching (to say the least), and the practicalities of Permanent Establishments, Double Taxation Treaties, OECD guidelines, and other multi-country considerations result in an incessant burden, in regards to both administrative costs and energy. I’ve tried to operate within this structure for a couple of years, but it’s reached a point where it’s simply too expensive and too exhausting.

Who owns Pavouk OÜ?

Pavouk OÜ is owned and controlled by me, Nic Williams (a.k.a tiredpixel), sole director and 100% shareholder. It does not have any external investors, and is debt-free. Thus, there is no-one other than myself to be disadvantaged or let down by the closure, which will be using the vehicle of voluntary liquidation. All assets will ultimately be taken over by me, meaning I will be able to continue the projects, and in future, release them commercially under a different corporate entity if I choose. For the time being, however, consultancy will transfer to me personally, and commercialisation of the software is postponed.

What about Isoxya?

Isoxya will continue as a free project, with the aim of launching a free, limited version later in 2020. Given that Pavouk OÜ is closing, however, it has become necessary to find a new web for Isoxya to live in. The project will transfer from to; the Isoxya API has already moved to the new domain, and a new site will be launched soon. In the meantime, there is a new Isoxya mailing list, which I encourage you to subscribe to if you’d like to stay up-to-date about the development and launch process. Pavouk Community will close within the next few days, but registrations will not be transferred automatically; you’ll need to sign up to the new mailing list if you still want to stay in touch with the project.