Spelling well for SEO: Isoxya plugin: Spellchecker

By now you’ve probably heard of Isoxya – the web-crawling system with data-processing and data-streaming plugins — including an open source spellchecker. With recently released full support for streaming data directly into the Elasticsearch database, Isoxya’s spellchecker plugin places the full power of that and related tools like Kibana at your disposal!

Why spelling matters

Users engage with companies that they trust – we all know that. Poor spelling on a website can impact that level of trust significantly, with the potential to negatively influence your site’s page rank, click-through rate, bounce rate and time on site! Writing good quality copy for your site and ads matters, which means that having effective tools in your arsenal like the Isoxya plugin: Spellchecker is vital.

We decided to place our own website under the spellchecker microscope to make sure we were putting our best foot forward… and yep, the Isoxya plugin: Spellchecker left us a little red-faced!

We used the command line to run some scripts (don’t worry, a shiny new interface is in the works for end users!) that funnel our spellchecker’s processed data into Elasticsearch where we could visualise it in Kibana.

Inside Kibana we filtered out false positives easily (take words like Isoxya and Pavouklings, for example ;) ), leaving us only with data about those words we had deemed were actually spelling mistakes!

To simplify our view even further we opted to retrieve information about the URL of the page where the mistake was noted, the misspelled word, alternate spelling suggestions for the word, and the paragraph in which the spelling mistake occurs. We did this using the ‘Toggle column in table’ option next to the data type we wanted to include.

Handily, we now had a very simple table to work from and were able to make those spelling mistakes a thing of the past!

Get started with the Isoxya plugin: Spellchecker here. Drop us a line at our community page here if you have any Spellchecker feedback or just want to talk shop.