Pavouk Community sign-up page screenshot.

How To: Get Started with the Pavouk Community

So you’ve read our post launching the Pavouk Community, you’re positively crawling with excitement and just want to get connected with other like-minded future thinkers! Here’s how you can do that:

Create an account

Start by navigating over to our Community page and hitting the “Sign Up” button, in the top-right corner. Populate your details in the fields given and, before committing to your new account, make sure you take the time to read our community policies – you can find them here. We host our policies publicly on a GitHub repository in line with our transparency values. There you’ll also be able to read previous versions, and see real-time updates made to our policy documents. Go ahead and click on ‘Create New Account’.

Pavouk Community
Create Account

You’ll receive an email shortly after this with a link to activate your account. Click on it; it will open a new page welcoming you to the Pavouk Community. Now all you have to do is click the blue ‘Click here to activate your account’ button and you’re done! Welcome, dear Pavoukling – and thanks for joining us!

Subscribe to news

As you explore the Community there are a couple of things you might like to do right away. First off, if you don’t want to miss out on any important updates, news and other company-wide announcements regarding Pavouk and her web, you’ll want to make sure you’re ‘watching’ the Pavouk category. This category acts as our mailing list as we do away with unwanted and invasive emails in line with our strict data privacy-by-design principles.

Pavouk Watching

To ‘watch’ Pavouk, just navigate into that category and click on the button to the right of ‘+ New Topic’ – the menu should expand so you can now change your interaction preferences with the Pavouk Category from ‘Normal’ to ‘Watching’.

Take a guided tour

If you’ve never been part of a Discourse Community, we’d then recommend going through the Community’s guided ‘tour’, so to speak. You can do this by checking your notifications in the top right-hand corner – you’ve received a message from ‘discobot’ entitled Greetings! Click on it and follow discobot’s cheeky instructions to become a Community master in no-time.

Discobot Notification
Discobot Message