Pavouk WWW screenshot.

Pavouk launches their new website!

The Pavouk team are very excited to share with you our new website, built proudly in-house! We value performance, inventiveness and simplicity and believe the changes made better reflect the spirit of our company.

The updated site includes an overhaul to Pavouk’s aesthetic, modifications to the navigation structure and an overall improvement to the site’s information architecture, making it easier for you to get around. We also introduce to you a new space for company posts, where you can be kept in the loop with announcements, gain access to user guides and make use of system tutorials.

We have also optimised and redrawn the Pavouk logo, and present to you a brand new logo for our data-processing engine, Isoxya (check back soon for upcoming announcements regarding Isoxya).

Isoxya logo
Pavouk logo

We welcome your comments, feedback and suggestions for further improvements, and thank you for joining us on our spidery journey.